Use data analysis to identify harmful, toxic, divisive, false content and prevent its impact on organizations.

Use cases

Why use Track

Here are two examples of areas where
Buster.Ai's Track solution can assist you.


Used by CMOs, brand managers, communications and crisis managers, and more for:

Be proactive and anticipate crises before they happen
Identify misinformation about your organization on social networks
Check new information with AI based on their behavior
Analyze public opinion about your organization on social networks


Used by investors, head of compliance, investment funds, ESG manager, and more, for:

Identify the actors that are detrimental to your investments
Invest in companies based on their reputation
Check the information before making decisions
Check the reputation of your investments in one click

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Make the most of data


Spread and impact analysis

Analyze the behavior of viral events about your organization.

  • Identification of disinformation campaigns and fakes (via the way they are propagated)
  • Detection of communities, actors and targets
  • Analysis of the evolution of the polarity of a piece of information

AI-assisted verification

Check the truthiness of the information on social networks about you.

  • Checking zero knowledge information without any preconceived ideas (0-knowledge)
  • Identifying the typology of deceptive information according to its propagation
  • Identification of target communities and prevention

Crisis anticipation

Anticipate reputational crises to act before they become a danger.

  • Identify controversies upstream in order to take action
  • Community building, converting users to a toxic cause
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

Buster.Ai's process


Buster.Ai collects all textual information and classifies them.


Artificial intelligence analyses them to extract value.


You can use the analyses to make better decisions.

Award-winning technology

Buster.Ai's awards

Since 2020 Buster.Ai has been participating in competitions and winning awards for its research work.

1st Place CLEF 2020

Insights and Recommendations to Improve Fact-Checking

1st Place FEVEROUS 2021

FABULOUS : Fact-checking Based on Understanding of Language Over Unstructured And Structured information

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