Buster.Ai Platform

Dissect attack trajectories across social platforms, pre-empting potential fallout

#1 Worldwide
FEVEROUS 2021 & CLEF 2020

Threat Morphology

Explore the intricate structures and evolutions of informational threats from social platform.


Unravel the dynamics of content spread, understanding its momentum and influence.


Assess content authenticity, navigating the thin line between fact and fabrication in the digital age.


Measure and interpret the harmful elements within content, ensuring a clean and constructive digital environment.

Prospective Threats Reveal

Anticipate and illuminate potential informational attacks, ensuring you are steps ahead.

Decipher Orchestrators & Motives

Delve deep into the underpinnings of threats, revealing the intentions and masterminds steering the offensive.

Detect Bot Attacks

Stay vigilant against the silent surge of bot-generated misinformation campaigns.

Discover New Attack Vectors

Unearth emerging threat pathways, even in the absence of previous knowledge.

Threat Response

Deploy intelligent countermeasures, ensuring threats are neutralized before escalation.

Clustering Propagation Communities

Segment and understand misinformation-spreading groups to optimize response strategies in real-time.

Detect Nodes and Bridges

Identify core nodes within propagation communities and the connectors between them.

Halt Misinformation Spread

Halt the spread by severing connectors or disabling pivotal nodes.

Connect to the data you need