Shield Your Company from Financial and Reputational Damage Caused by Deepfakes

As deepfake technology advances at an alarming rate, the capacity to generate indistinguishable falsified content escalates, raising the stakes in financial loss and brand erosion.

Deepfake: An Inevitable Threat

As deepfakes become increasingly sophisticated, they pose an elevated risk of deceiving not just the public but even advanced security protocols. No entity is immune to this pervasive threat, necessitating a specialized defense.

"We call for action against who spread of mis and disinformation on the Internet..."

António Guterres

UN Secretary General, Feb 7th, 2023

"I'm particularly worried that these models could be used for large-scale disinformation..."

Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO, March 15th, 2023


Partner with us to fortify your security and communication teams against this emerging threat, leveraging state-of-the-art technology for proactive defense.

Security Operations

Branding & Communications

Detection of Fake Information Targeting Executives
Social Networks & Media Monitoring
Detection of Misinformation-Driven Market Manipulation
Market Perception Analysis
Informational Crisis Management
Fake Product Reviews Detection
Rapid Triage Alert System
Counterfeit Product Alerts
Automatic Incident Resolution
Competitor Smear Campaigns Monitoring
Employee Training and Phishing Drills
Event Hijacking Prevention
Regulatory Compliance Checks
Partnership Integrity Check


Customized Pricing

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  • Continuous Optimization

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