Protect the Nation and Citizens from Security Threats Posed by Deepfakes

Deepfakes have emerged as potent weapons, capable of distorting reality, misleading the public, and undermining trust in institutions. For governments, the stakes are even higher.

Deepfake: An Inevitable Threat

Deepfakes can jeopardize national security, manipulate electoral processes, and stir social unrest. No entity is immune to this pervasive threat, necessitating a specialized defense.

"We call for action against who spread of mis and disinformation on the Internet..."

António Guterres

UN Secretary General, Feb 7th, 2023

"I'm particularly worried that these models could be used for large-scale disinformation..."

Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO, March 15th, 2023


Partner with us to ensure a resilient defense against malicious synthetic information and preserving the integrity of the state and its people.

Protect the Nation

Protect the Citizens

Public Health Informational Crisis Management
Counter False Health Advisories & Rumors
Election Integrity
Detect & Dispel Panic-Inducing Misinformation
Military Disinformation Countermeasures
Protection Against Hate Campaigns
Key Persons & Vital Companies Protection
Digital Identity Protection
Foreign Influence Monitoring
Foreign Propaganda Shielding
Radicalization & Extremism Monitoring
Educational Integrity
Crisis Communications
False Investment Opportunities Alerting


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