Research and media monitoring to protect organizations and brands.

Use cases

Why use our Alert solution?

Here are two examples of areas where
Buster.Ai's Alert can assist you.


Used by CMOs, brand managers, communications and crisis managers, and more for:

Identify weak signals to anticipate crises
Centralize all information about your company in one place
Have an overview of your communication
Make better choices in your communication strategy
Protect your brand image effectively with a state-of-the-art tool


Used by investors, head of compliance, investment funds, ESG manager, and more for:

Make the right investment choices
Check the reputation of an organization before investing
See when an investment becomes risky
Keep an overview of the reputation of your assets
Receive an alert in case of a crisis in one of your assets

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Make the most of the data


Event management

Effectively monitor and analyze events concerning a certain brand.

  • Grouping of content by event
  • Automatic summary from multi-sources
  • Intelligent alerting

Identification of impactful content

Identify events that can put your organization at risk in seconds.

  • Content polarity analysis
  • Detection of all forms of disinformation.
  • Detecting the impact on social networks.

Risk Management

React more effectively to risk by identifying it and finding solutions.

  • Typology and classification of content.
  • Risk detection and modeling (inflammatory, community building, social, financial, environmental, health).
  • Recommendation of actions to implement.

Qualified data sources

Have access to all the sources you need. Classified by author type, by taxonomy (IPTC, IAB, wiki-news, ....). You can add your sources to go further.

  • Access to over 200,000 sources and 2 million articles daily.
  • Access to sources from 200 countries in 51 languages.
  • Detecting the impact on social networks.
Go further

Complete the solution

By integrating our other tools directly into our alert solution.


Our AI analyzes any statement at speed and scale, 24/7, to protect organizations from misinformation.


Use data analysis on social networks to identify harmful, toxic, divisive, and false content and prevent its impact on organizations.

Buster.Ai's process


Buster.Ai collects all textual information and classifies them.


Artificial intelligence analyses them to extract value.


You can use the analyses to make better decisions.

Award-winning technology

Buster.Ai's awards

Since 2020 Buster.Ai has been participating in competitions and winning awards for its research work.

1st Place CLEF 2020

Insights and Recommendations to Improve Fact-Checking

1st Place FEVEROUS 2021

FABULOUS : Fact-checking Based on Understanding of Language Over Unstructured And Structured information

Implement fact-checking solutions in your organization