AI Threats Control for Next-Gen Enterprise

With state-of-the-art Generative AI and Large Language models, we protect you against Deepfake-induced threats.

#1 Worldwide
FEVEROUS 2021 & CLEF 2020


Curated Data Sources
2.4 Million New Articles Added Per Day
Generative AI
and Large Language Models

231 Countries
51 Languages
19 Billion
Curated Articles Dataset

Buster CHECK

Empower decisions with real-time information authentication and analysis.

Information Analysis

Transform raw information into insights that empower decision-making.

Curated Database

Leverage meticulously selected data sources for precision and relevance.

Multilingual Support

Harness global insights with comprehensive language capabilities.

Buster TRACK

Dissect informational attack trajectories across social platforms, pre-empting potential fallout.

Comprehend Threat Morphology

Attack Intention Discovery

Reveal concealed attack motives, even in the absence of prior knowledge.

Source Verification

Unearth the origin and dissemination routes of information, discern bot-generated content from credible sources.

Misinformation Network Disruptor

Pinpoint the nexus of misinformation nodes and sever their propagation channels to contain the spread of Infodemic.

Buster ALERT

Interactive dashboard streaming actionable intel, bolstered with strategic countermove guides.

Execute Prompt and Coordinated Measures

Custom Alert System

Stay attuned with real-time alerts on specific topics, keywords, sources, individuals, and entities.

Action-Ready Interface

Deploy a curated toolkit, ensuring instantaneous and effective countermeasures.

Unified Team Synergy

Empower cross-functional collaboration, ensuring teams converge on solutions by leveraging collective intelligence.

Connect to the data you need