Countering Deepfakes
with State-of-the-art
Generative AI

Protect your business against financial and reputational losses from AI-generated threats.

They talk about us.

Unparalleled Intelligence:
From Panoramic Vigilance to Granular Insight

Propel your cybersecurity posture with our advanced technology, and experience security foresight like never before.

Harnessing Global Data for Unrivaled Threat Surveillance

Leveraging an expansive array of worldwide data streams, we've engineered a dynamic, constantly refreshing data repository. At the intersection of scale and agility, our tech stack powers Buster.Ai to transform vast data matrices into actionable directives, ensuring you are always a step ahead in the security race.

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Dynamic Repository
  • Proactive Anticipation
  • Swift Actionability

Decipher Every Threat Nuance

Our state-of-the-art algorithms deftly navigate vast data terrains to render a comprehensive analysis of each deepfake attack. In real-time, we illuminate every facet: from the attacker to the target, the underlying intention, and the employed modus operandi, giving you a 360° understanding of any potential risk.

  • Risk Profiling
  • Precision-Driven
  • Intuitive Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics

Empower Your Squad with
Buster.Ai Threats Control Platform

Elevate your defense game in an ever-evolving digital battleground.

Redefining Threat Defense For The Next-Gen Enterprise

  • Buster CHECK
    Empower decisions with real-time information authentication.
  • Buster TRACK
    Dissect attack trajectories across social platforms, pre-empting potential fallout.
  • Buster ALERT
    Interactive dashboard streaming actionable intel, bolstered with strategic countermove guides.

Witness The Power At Your Fingertips

Dive into a suite of advanced features, meticulously designed for the new-age digital vanguard.

Effective Action Coordination

Harness the sophistication of DISARM framework, ensuring rapid and harmonized responses to evolving threats

Instant Alert

Stay synced with the pulse of your digital ecosystem


From raw text
to actionable insights

Explainable Fact-Checking

Ensuring every piece of information stands robustly vetted and clearly interpreted

Connect to the data you need