Augment Defense Capabilities to Deliver Unparalleled Value Against Deepfakes

In an interconnected landscape where deceptive deepfakes proliferate, bolstering defense mechanisms is not just a necessity, it's a strategic imperative for cybersecurity entities.

Deepfake: An Inevitable Threat

Deepfakes are now capable of undermining security protocols and disseminating highly convincing misinformation at scale. No entity is immune to this pervasive threat, necessitating a specialized defense.

"We call for action against who spread of mis and disinformation on the Internet..."

António Guterres

UN Secretary General, Feb 7th, 2023

"I'm particularly worried that these models could be used for large-scale disinformation..."

Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO, March 15th, 2023


Explore with us how expanding capabilities and integrating complementary solutions can equip your offerings with the strategic edge to confront deepfake phenomena.

Enhanced Security

Advanced Intelligence

Rapid Triage Alerting
Threat Source Tracking
Automatic Incident Resolution
Contextual Analysis of Threats
Holistic Security Posture Assessment
Enhanced Sentiment Analysis
Optimized Security Resource Allocation
Proactive Threat Hunting
Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment
Comprehensive Reporting


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