Our AI analyzes any statement at speed and scale, 24/7, to protect organizations from misinformation.

Thanks to Buster.Ai

Detect misinformation has never been so simple

Businesses rely on information to make important decisions, our solution reduce the risk, checking the information and identifying fake one.

  • Intuitive
    Enter your assertion into natural language and get your relevant insigh.

  • Complete & reliable
    Our AI extracts and inventories the narratives from thousands of trusted sources.

  • Multilingual
    35 languages are supported for assertions and results.

How It works ?


Submit quickly any statement in natural language in our tool.


Our IA runs semantic search in thousands of reliable data sources.


We automatically classify and translate the narratives and give you direct access to all the sources.


Our IA analyse content from each source to establish whether it supports or refutes the statement.

Award-winning technology

Buster.Ai awards

Since 2020 Buster.Ai has been participating in competitions and winning awards for its research work.

1st Place CLEF 2020

Insights and Recommendations to Improve Fact-Checking

1st Place FEVEROUS 2021

FABULOUS : Fact-checking Based on Understanding of Language Over Unstructured And Structured information

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