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About Us

Our goal is to become the world’s premier AI security lab.

Our Misson

Since 2019, our mission at Buster.Ai is to fight any form(s) of disinformation aimed at destabilizing our society and democracy.

Our society is constantly being shocked, from the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001, to the present day, through the whistleblower revelations, the Cambridge Analytica scandals, the subsequent COVID-19 pandemics and infodemics.

We use recent technological advances, particularly in artificial intelligence, to impact and drastically change the way information is produced and consumed so that fake news is detected, mitigated and eliminated as quickly as possible and before it can cause any damage.

Our Value

The value we share for each individual shape the future of our company.

Autonomy & Pugnacity
Compassion & Pedagogy

Our Satisfied Customers

Leading enterprises trust our solution to safeguard their informational safety.

“We rely on Buster.Ai to protect our nation from misinformation and economic damage. We are confident that Buster.Ai provides us with the most reliable and accurate information verification and spread analysis so that we can act before it is too late.”

French Ministry of the Armed Forces


“We use the power of technology to fight against misinformation. Buster.Ai allows us to do fact-checking on statements we are writing. It will quickly tell us if our present statement is true or false. We can scan content and recognize any minor alterations that may have been made so that we do not relay this misinformation to our news or other media outlets.”

Head of News Innovation & News Social Media at TF1

Yani Khezzar

“Buster.Ai has enabled us to focus on the most critical information and make informed decisions about our investments. Their simple and efficient way of verifying information has been invaluable in crypto, where data can be unreliable and quickly spread. Buster filters out the noise and traces information back to its sources.”

CTO at HedgeGuard

Mario Matar